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Feather light 100% waterproof backpacks, waist packs and messenger bags, constructed from eco-friendly and tough TPU fabrics. Designed for the sportsman when every ounce counts.

Pro-light waterproof backpack 30 litres

$189.95 $209.95
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OverBoard Pro-Light Waterproof Backpack 20 Litres | OB1136BLK

Pro-Light Waterproof Backpack - 30 Litres

$189.95 $209.95

With a seamless high frequency welded construction and a simple to use two-way sealing system (top or side), making it fully submersible, this 30 Litre waterproof backpack really should be your Backpack of choice.   The Pro-Light range of Waterproof Backpacks are manufactured ...

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